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Making Learning Fun with Throwable Microphones

  Ever thought to get your class to play hot potato, but with a microphone? It doesn’t sound possible but it is.  Throwable microphones have become a new fun way to gain students’ attention while being entertaining and a useful teaching tool. Imagine the first day of school. The students are all chatty but some are not so talkative. There may be some who have some anxiety just being there. Some classes ask students to talk about their summer or Christmas vacation. Being in front of a classroom of your peers be it PreK, 4th, or a senior in high […]

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Board Meeting Laser projector screen

Laser Projectors: Lose the Lamp, Longer Life

Laser Projectors: Lose the Lamp, Longer Life Over the past few years, LED TVs have grown to impressively large sizes. Even so, projectors remain the best way to get the largest image possible at the lowest cost. The possibilities are almost limitless in how large of an image you can display because projectors can be combined and edge-blended to stretch an image to any size. The Battle of the Bulb Ongoing maintenance on projectors has been one of the dreaded drawbacks to projection ownership. With regular use, lamp and filter replacements can be costly over the life of the projector. […]

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children using Interactive Panel

Interactive Displays: Beyond the SMART Board

Sign up for your Free Online Demo! Learn about the latest Interactive Flat Panel technology, online, anytime and from anywhere on your computer. See below for details. Interactive displays have been around for a few years, mainly used in educational facilities. As the technology improves and more features and functions are added, interactive displays are being utilized more and more in companies to improve efficiency across the workforce globally and reduce travel costs. A team in Mumbai, India can collaborate live with a team in Houston, Texas. This goes beyond just typical video conferencing. Imagine engineers sitting in a meeting […]

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