Active Contracts

AVES Audio Visual Systems, Inc. has a long history of supporting educational institutions and government agencies with their goals of integrating audio visual technologies. We maintain numerous local, state and regional contracts in order to streamline the procurement process – as well as providing the best value pricing to these organizations.

Current Contracts

Choice Partners 17/026KH-07, Audio Visual Equipment,
Expires 12/28/2020
TASB BuyBoard 563-18, Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies,
Expires 5/31/2020
TASB BuyBoard 579-19, Technology Equipment, Products, Services & Software
Expires 12/31/2021
TIPS USA 180902, Classroom & Teaching Aids, Goods, & Services
Expires 11/30/2021
TIPS USA 171001, Audio Visual Equipment, Supplies & Services
Expires 12/18/2020
TIPS USA 180306, Technology Solutions Products & Services
Expires 5/26/2020