50+ Years of Expertise

Over 50 years of success in providing audio visual technology to our customers nationwide. We work hand in hand with our customers and vendor partners to bring unique solutions at competitive prices and provide excellent customer service.

Customized Solutions

We build systems that allow you to focus on what you do best, rather than being bogged down by technology. Our team will customize solutions that meet your unique requirements while simplifying usability. We can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Support & Service

AVES understands the importance of quick turnarounds. Each audio visual integration encompasses personalized support from our team. Whether you need guidance on purchasing one product or a complete solution for your classroom or office, our team will help you.

Providing AV Solutions Since 1963

Recent Posts:

  • Making Learning Fun with Throwable Microphones
      Ever thought to get your class to play hot potato, but with a microphone? It doesn’t sound possible but it is.  Throwable microphones have become a new fun way to gain students’ attention while being entertaining and a useful teaching tool. Imagine the first day of school. The students are all chatty but some … Read more
  • Laser Projectors: Lose the Lamp, Longer Life
    Laser Projectors: Lose the Lamp, Longer Life Over the past few years, LED TVs have grown to impressively large sizes. Even so, projectors remain the best way to get the largest image possible at the lowest cost. The possibilities are almost limitless in how large of an image you can display because projectors can be … Read more
  • Interactive Displays: Beyond the SMART Board
    Sign up for your Free Online Demo! Learn about the latest Interactive Flat Panel technology, online, anytime and from anywhere on your computer. See below for details. Interactive displays have been around for a few years, mainly used in educational facilities. As the technology improves and more features and functions are added, interactive displays are … Read more

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AVES Provides technology solutions that captivate your audience and improve the efficiency of your organization.

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